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Exams & Preventative Care

Preventative care and annual or bi-annual exams are intended to catch problems early in the process, or before they develop. Unfortunately problems cannot always be prevented. When your companion is not feeling well our goal is to make them as comfortable as possible while identifying the problem and treating them. Being sick is stressful for the pet and their family and we are here to help both of you. We encourage you to ask questions and to take an active role in their care.

An annual health examination is the basis for providing your pet with a healthy life. Vaccinations, parasite screening, nutrition, and identification of minor problems before they become major problems are important components to this visit. To help your pet live a healthier and longer life Scarborough Animal Hospital recommends:

  • An annual examination
  • Regular vaccinations
  • Parasite examination and control (Heartworm testing and prevention, fecal examination, flea and tick prevention)
  • Dental care

Spaying and neutering, appropriate nutrition, housing, grooming, and other aspects of animal husbandry are the most important ways to keep your pet healthy. We offer guidance on how to keep your companion safe and happy and how to avoid health problems.