Nail Trims

Nail trims are a common source of stress for pets and owners alike, but here are SAH we attempt to keep the experience as positive as possible using low stress handling, treats, and other fear free measures.

To set yourself and your pet up for success you can work at home on nail trimming starting at a young age and practice a few times a week to desensitize them. Using the right technique, you’ll improve your pets comfort level with the procedure and possibly be able to do nail trimming yourself at home.

AT-HOME Training

Do you avoid trimming your pet’s nails for as long as you can? Does your cat or dog barely tolerate it, even when you do your best with treats? Nail trimming can be quite stressful for many dogs.

Often, if a pet will not tolerate nail trims at home it can be even more stressful for them in the veterinary office since it is an unfamiliar setting with unfamiliar faces. While with enough restraint even the most anxious pet can have their nails trimmed, this will inevitably lead to further anxiety down the road, making future visits even more stressful and potentially dangerous.

We want your cat or dog to enjoy their treatment like a human would. But when clipping is just not going to happen, you can look at alternatives like dremels or scratchboards.

There are many ways to work with your pets at home to get them accustomed to having their feet handled or nails clipped. Please see the attached resources and videos.

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